About Me & testimonials

A little bit about me......

My name is Bernadette and earlier in my life in the corporate world, I was a top sales person in a mainly male dominated, competitive industry. I’ve experienced targets, deadlines the work hard play hard lifestyle. I worked for large PLC’s but it was when I moved into the charity sector that I felt that my skillset was making a difference to others.

I’m very fortunate to have 3 wonderfully kind and loving children (who do normal things like complain and argue too!), been able to re-train with the world-renowned Quest Institute under the tutorage of Trevor Silvester. By qualifying as a therapist/ neuro-coach I’m able to use my skills to help others which is incredibly enriching.

People say I’m tenacious – well, I am committed to my clients and their goals. I feel very privileged to be able to work with my clients, to see them make changes, become empowered and flourish. At times we have no control at what life throws at us and sometimes we need some help so we are in control to how we respond to it.

We all have our own individual life stories that can sometimes hold us back, combine that with life being busy and hectic, this can lead to a disconnection to ourselves and those around us. By listening, understanding my clients and their needs, by providing a safe space and working as a partnership it is truly wonderful to help my clients unlock their true potential, to create a life they want and have a future that inspires and excites them.

We are all fellow strugglers. I have been vulnerable, I have been stretched, I have reacted to limiting beliefs that I wasn’t aware were driving my thoughts and behaviours. I have benefited from this process and the ripples effects spread to my home life. I whole heartedly believe in the transformations that can happen which is why I love working with individuals and businesses.

If any of this resonates with you or you simply want to explore, please feel free to contact me

I work face to face or via zoom – whatever suits you

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What Motivates me?

Irrespective of our age, size, nationality, education, sexuality we are all human beings trying to make the best life that we can.

I feel very privileged to work with the clients that I work with, to see their transformations and the ripple effects into their wider community.

When I was 16 years old, on an evening out I met a boy who had run away from home and was living on the streets in London. We were the same age yet by chance of birth I was in a more fortunate position having a warm bed and a family to go home to.

As a result I set up a Soup Run and on a weekly basis a group of volunteers went down to help give food and clothing to the homeless.  Over 20 years later this soup run is still running and spreading the love. 

So, where possible I try to do what’s in my control even if its a small contribution. The energy used for this site is 100% renewable energy – will that change the world, no, but I’m doing my little bit and it all adds up. Just like The Starfish story you can’t make a difference to everyone but to those you do, it’s worth it.

We’ve all got a past and no one is perfect…I think the phrase “we are all imperfectly perfect!” – is perfect! Our past is experience and doesn’t need to define us.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma (DipCHyp) – NCH Accredited

Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy – The Quest Institute

Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistics Programming  – The Quest Institute

Working with Menopause – Pat Duckworth

Resilience & Wellbeing Workshops – Jill Tonks

Shame to Compassion – AMDR

Addictions Inside Out – Hugh Osborne


What Other's Say.....

Feedback from some of my clients who came to see me due to issues ranging from, anxiety, depression, past trauma, low self confidence, stop smoking, disordered eating, fear of flying to ….just to mention a few things that we can work together on and the unique way that your issues affect you. 

Fantastic hypnotherapy experience with a wonderful therapist

I visited Bernadette to see if Hypnotherapy would be able to help me with low confidence, anxiety and self sabotage in work and social situations which was impacting me more and more since a difficult divorce and then the isolation of the pandemic.

Bernadette had very nurturing nature and I was instantly at ease. I saw Bernadette for a good number of sessions where we used a wide variety of techniques to help improve my outlook and with some techniques she provided to work on at home between sessions I started noticing positive changes. I now use these techniques regularly without thinking and have found a huge positive shift in my behaviour.

I am so glad I had these sessions with Bernadette, she helped me re-evaluate my outlook and self belief and the coaching methods she provided me with have made such a huge impact on both my social and work life. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with. X
hypnotherapy for food addiction in worthing, Brighton and online
Ms R
West Sussex
I cannot recommend Bernadette's services highly enough. I first came to see Bernadette because I was a shell of my former self. I had extremely low self worth and very high anxiety. I was suffering with depression and hated the person I was.

At my first session with Bernadette, I knew she was the person who was going to help me turn my life around. She was incredibly friendly, warm, comforting and non-judgemental. After discussing a bit about each other and telling Bernadette what I felt I was struggling with, she began working her magic and even after the first session I was feeling so upbeat and optimistic about the future - something I had not felt in a while.

I can honestly say I was not expecting to feel like the old me again so quickly. Bernadette listened to me and, with her expert knowledge of NLP, helped me to reframe previous experiences that were holding me back from living my best life. Now, after only a few sessions, I am happy, content, confident and I am loving myself again. I feel I am now the mum I want my kids to see and look up to, I am a happier wife and just so much more complete as a person. I cannot recommend Bernadette's services highly enough - my experience with you has honestly been life changing. THANK YOU X
anxiety therapist in Worthing, Lancing, Brighton and online
Mrs H
The anchor within a whirlwind If only I had found her sooner.

Bernadette has been the anchor within the whirlwind. I was feeling overwhelmed and lost, lacking the confidence to take charge of my life.

She helped me really look at myself and work out what was important, supporting me on my journey. With care, (a lot of) laughter and tools for the future I cannot thank her or recommend her enough. Who knew I had all I needed within me x
anxiety therapy in Worthing, Lancing, Hove and online
West Sussex
kind natured with an incredible ability to hold the space and help you find your own answers.

Bernadette is an amazing therapist. She's helped me to get over limiting beliefs and given me the confidence to launch my business.

She has something about her, where you feel like she is truly giving you the time and space to think, but also has an incredibly supportive nature. She asks all the right questions, helping you to find your own answers. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.
hypnotherapy for past trauma, Worthing and online
Bernadette is a great listener, without doubt. However, what I like most about our sessions is that they are not just me talking. They are very interactive, with Bernadette using several methods to help me work through my issues. She sends me voice tapes to keep using in between sessions, and has the most soothing voice in the world! I am also given tasks to do, sort of homework, so even when not in session, she is still helping me.

I now feel armed with a set of tools that I can take forward with me. I wont list them all, but these are actions, things I can do when I feel things spiralling negatively.

I feel that I now understand and like myself more. I was blaming myself for so much, whereas Bernadette has helped me to see the bigger picture. And to learn to forgive myself. I realise there is no quick or easy fix, I am a work in progress. Bernadette commits to helping for as long as it takes, and that in itself is very reassuring. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services. Thank you Bernadette, for helping me so much.
Laine C
West Sussex
I learnt simple techniques to help me manage pre interview nerves.

Bernadette invited me into her space and instantly put me at ease. She used a person centred approach to support me with my confidence and pre interview nerves. She provided a safe space for me to open up about my concerns and struggles with confidence and anxiety.

Bernadette taught me simple techniques and strategies to help manage my nerves for a job interview I had coming up. I stepped into my 'circle of excellence' and was offered the job. I now have tools to help me overcome my anxiety in the future. I strongly recommend a visit to Bernadette.