Helping organisations support their people

Employee Wellbeing Assistance

Face to face sessions

Resilience, Wellbeing, Menopause (plus more) Workshops at your offices or venue of your choice for the ease of your teams.

 Supported with 1-2-1 Neuro-Coaching

remote sessions

Workshops for Teams, Managers & Leaders held online for ease. Supported by 1-2-1 Neuro-Coaching

Talking Therapy as an alternative to EPA via zoom 

Focusing on Health & Wellbeing of Your Employees

Resilience Workshops
+ Neuro-Coaching

Working with teams, managers & leaders so they can begin to understand and connect with each other. We explore what resilience is, the benefit of it, how to develop resilience and weave it into their lives. 

Thought provoking and interactive for everyone to get the most out of the session

Supported with 1-2-1 Neuro-Coaching sessions

Wellbeing Workshops
+ Neuro-Coaching

Following on from the resilience workshops, we delve into models of well being, what is in your control to serve you and how to use this knowledge. 

Interactive with the aim for people to adopt this knowledge and techniques into their everyday and work life. 

Supported with 1-2-1 Neuro Coaching sessions 

Menopause Workshops + Therapeutic Coaching

Designed to educate, raise awareness and confidence to women and men around the menopause.

Managers workshops. Gender specific workshops. All in a safe space deigned to create awareness and support.

Supported with 1-2-1 therapeutic coaching sessions.

Talking therapy

Supporting your employees personal issues which may negatively impact their work performance. 

From fear of Public Speaking to Anxiety, Addictions & PTSD this is a modern, evidence based approach.

Therapy, NLP & Coaching provided in a safe, confidential space

"If you believe, as I do, that your employees truly are your most valuable assest, you will do whatever you can to help them do their jobs as well as possible"
- Harvey Mackey

What staffing issues are you facing?

Do the demands on your staff exceed what they can manage?

Working with high levels of emotion & trauma on a daily basis can take it's toll.

A stressed workforce isn't fully equipped to think of solutions.

Has the pandemic impacted on your staff and their working stations?

Is presenteeism an issue?

What makes you an attractive employer?
Promoting wellbeing at work can help reduce stress, help create stronger teams = positive working environments where individual's and organisations grow and thrive.
A 2019 survey conducted by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that three in five menopausal women—usually aged between 45 and 55—were negatively affected at work

More than a million UK women could leave the workforce because they lack access to menopause support. Source: Koru Kids 2022

Can your business afford to lose this skillset?

common questions

By understanding the issues you and your staff are facing, enables me to design workshops that meet your needs. Incorporating neuro-science into the sessions so they make a difference.

We can run a series of 1 hour workshops, 1/2 day or 2 day workshops. It all depends on your need.

Supported with neuro-coaching sessions on a monthly/ 6 weekly/ bi-monthly basis, so as to make a continual impact to your staff and business.

It is a mix of education and participant involvement.  The aim of these workshops is for people to really benefit and put into action what they have learned.

Hasten the neuro coaching sessions provide support to those staff that need it.

I’ve worked in high pressure environments for large PLC’s and charities. I combine that experience with my training, NLP, use of evidence based theory to be flexible to each company’s needs.. A bespoke, personal service

As workshops are bespoke it’s tricky to give an exact amount.  But, I can work to your budget where possible.

Please feel free to call me or contact me and I’d be happy to discuss things further with you. As all organisations are unique then the way we work together will reflect that too. 

We are specialists in working with clients issues and wellbeing so that is what we focus on. Our world class training means we  understand the many different facets that affect us as humans. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs because what we offer is not a whitewash to mental wellbeing but to provide a service that can have a long lasting impact.