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If you’re reading this then perhaps you are feeling constrained by life which is leading to a frustration of not living the life you want? Or maybe you have tried to make the changes you want and do the things you want in life but end up overextending yourself which makes you feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed? This may lead to unhelpful behaviours and thoughts or are you just feeling trapped and stuck?

I work with client’s who are ready to take the next step towards change. This is a working partnership because we all have the resources; we need inside us. Sometimes life throws things at us and we need a bit of guidance to reconnect with ourselves and others which in turn helps us let go of emotions/behaviours that hold us back. 

I use a mix of Cognitive Hypnotherapy: which incorporates the most effective elements from CBT, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology but not limited to that. Combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Processing) and Coaching enables me to have a wide range of approaches so I can tailor make our work to what is most suited to you and your needs.  We are all unique and therefore so should the way we work together.

So, please take a look around the site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an initial consultation.

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You don't need to go through things on your own - maybe today is the day you reach out?

Working with Bernadette has been so impactful that trying to articulate how I felt ‘before’ is a real challenge. The difference she has made is life changing....., I felt trapped and hopeless in my life and mindset. I was angry and distrusting of myself and those around me. .....Having worked with Bernadette, I have a new normal. I feel as if I have landed back into my body after years of being in a nightmare.

How does this work?

We work collaboratively as this is about the changes you want to make. This is an equal partnership and you are at the heart of what we do. As we are all individuals and unique therefore so should be the way we approach problems to help you get to your solution state.

So even though I work with labels: Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Fears & Phobias, Public Speaking, Addiction, Past Trauma, Limiting Beliefs, Weight Issues…. Each treatment plan is bespoke for you.

Why use a Mix of Styles?

As we are all unique then there is no set way for us to work to resolve your issues. Being flexible and able to adapt means that you are the heart of everything.

Combining Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching is a powerful mix working with the past, present and future. 

It allows me to work with you in the unique way that you deserve.


What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Evidence Based Therapy

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) launched a unique research project in 2011. Using a team of QCH therapists, clients with anxiety and depression were assessed using the same outcome measures currently used to assess the effectiveness of talking therapies within the NHS. The pilot study was published in the Mental Health Review Journal in 2015.

It recorded that, using 118 cases measuring the effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety, 71% considered themselves recovered after an average of 4 sessions. This compared to an average of 42% for other approaches using the same measures (like CBT). To our knowledge, this is the only hypnotherapy approach to have been validated in this way.